Dwarf Longbeards for Fun

DwarfsChrisvanderLindenI wanted to assemble and paint something different from Tomb Kings and Skaven, so I purchased a box of Dwarf Hammerers/Longbeards. I must say they are incredibly detailed and were a joy to assemble. My only critique would be that the poses are really lockstep, they could do with some more variation. Because our group already has a fanatic Dwarf player, I opted to do them in a different style, on snow bases, to set them apart from his army. I can imagine these making a perfect allied (or group for hire) kind of unit in one of our linked story campaigns.

Dwarf longbeards silver primer


The colors used:

  • Silver primer
  • Nuln Oil wash
  • Golds + Agrax Earthshade wash
  • Sotek Green + Hoeth Blue + Spacewolves Gray for the blue parts (Finished with Asurmen Blue wash)
  • Faces and Beards in various browns, used Agrax wash again for shading

I must say I totally enjoyed painting these guys. I remember the Dwarfs from way back in the early days of Warhammer but never really gave them a proper look. Now I’m tempted to buy and paint some more because they allow for a lot of bold colors and they are really characterful. These were painted in one evening and an afternoon, a decent look without spending a huge amount of time. I spraypainted them silver entirely and applied a wash to get all the armor done in one go. I read this tip somewhere online which works well for these guys. Then it was a matter of picking out the faces, beards and shield decorations. All in all a very fun unit to paint. Oh… and yes I’ll fix that top of the banner pole too. Didn’t notice that part was missing until I was done¬†ūüôā


Making a Gaming Terrain Table on the Cheap

Warhammer Terrain on the CheapI’ve made quite a few gaming tables over the years. Most of them I built up from¬†wood, making them quite heavy and cumbersome. Sturdy yes, but cumbersome. With some fun Fantasy campaign battles coming up I was looking for a quick way to create a new gaming board. Nothing too sophisticated, but easy to make, move around and store.¬†Here’s how I made a new gaming terrain on the cheap!¬† Continue reading

How to make a Warhammer Fantasy “grave mound” scenery piece

image1Together with some friends that go waaaay back to the beginning of the Warhammer hobby, we’ve made plans to do some story-driven campaigns. For nostalgia, good-times sake. So I decided to make some new scenery pieces that we can use to play around. One of them I particularly liked: a mysterious (Undead?) burial mound. Here’s how to make your own!

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Making the Tomb Kings Necropolis Knights (pt. 1)

NecropolisKnight-Progress1I’ve started on the Tomb Kings Necropolis Knights. Initially I was put off by the high price for what seems three fairly simple models. It remains strange that this box is¬†2 euro’s more expensive that an entire Khemrian Necrosphinx. That said the models turned out quite nice and as happens more often, I’ve grown to appreciate them a bit more during assembly and painting. Continue reading

Tomb Kings army progress

TombKings-Chariot2-chrisvanderlindenI’ve worked on my new Tomb Kings army for an afternoon. Assembling all the skeletons is quite time consuming, so I also did a few Chariots and Necropolis Knights on the side to keep things fun. I’m having a blast knocking out this new army. Some of the skeleton models and especially the horses are mega dated but still. Nothing beats a good old undead horde! Here’s a quick update of what I’ve got going so far… Continue reading