Skaven Warlord kitbash

For my Skaven army I wanted to add really badass looking character. The range of Games Workshop character models for Skaven are all dissapointing in my opinion. They are all quite old models and don’t live up the standards of today’s models anymore. So I figured it was time for some good ol kitbashing.

535211_md-Skaven Warlord (kitbashed)

I love the idea of a few lowly rats carrying a throne with a fat warlord so this was my design idea, kinda like the dwarfs move around their heroes. Mainly the Skaven character models of GW are all very thin, and not imposing and bloated like the inspired artwork found in the books. So to capture the feel of the artwork better and create a truly fat bloated dude I went looking for bits that could form the body part. I settled on using a Boar from an Ork chariot kit to serve as body. I chopped of the head, tail and legs to leave a torso. By turning it upright I got a belly shape and shoulder blades of where the back legs used to be. I glued ork arms onto the ‘body’ and filled up the gaps with green stuff. I added fur onto the ork arms with green stuff, which is easy to do by carving or pinching the green stuff with a tootpick. The great thing with kitbashing is that once everything is primed black it all comes together and you can have a seemless result. Its pretty forgiving with how much you can get away with.

535213_md-Skaven Warlord (kitbashed)

Next up was the head. Skaven model kits have good heads so there was no need to substitude this. I chose the head of a Rat Ogre from the Island of Blood box. Again filled up the neckline with some greenstuff to create a seemless transition. At the back of the neck I added some more fur to run into the ork boar body.

The legs I used one real leg from a rat Ogre from Island of Blood kit, the other one is actually an arm of a rat Ogre turned upside down. I thought it would look awesome, kinda like a pirate wooden peg leg haha 🙂 The crotch/belly area was covered with a cloth piece I had in my bit box. This took some work to fill the adjoining area’s with green stuff. Mainly I filled up the area between the belly and the cloth.

535217_md-Skaven Warlord on throne (kitbashed)

The throne is made from a mixed bag of bits. Most parts have come from an Ork Chariot kit, the wheels, wagon floorboard, sides and so forth. It took a bit of work creating something that would fit the 3 rats carrying the throne. Overal it kinda works, although the Clan rats from Island of Blood don’t really have a good pose to realistically “carry” something. Finally I added some details like the bucket with severed had on the throne and some metal chains adorning the back. I fitted the everything on a larger base so it can either be used solo or inside a unit, or even as unit filler. I like the way it towers above the lowly infantry. Kinda awesome 🙂

Let me know how you like it, leave a shout in the comment section. Feel free to use my ideas and run with it!



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