Skaven Warplightning Cannon (scratch built)

I recently decided to scratch build a Skaven Warplightning Cannon. I love building stuff myself because it allows me to give a unique look and flavor to my army, something no one else has. So I scoured my bitbox and collected a bunch of household items to start building my very own weird Skaven contraption.

photo 3

Usually when I kitbash or scratch build stuff for my wargaming, I like to “dream it up” as I go. I will have a rough idea in my head of what it should look like, but then I go with the flow. Usually the parts you have to work with dictate what can and can’t be done, so I let myself get inspired by how the construction shapes up, somethings needing to deviate from my original plan.

I started out with a few old containers and spaceship bits. Most of the techy looking stuff are Warhammer 40K bits, which when painted steampunk style hopefully look Skaven. Obviously the Warplightning Cannon revolves around the warpstone in its center, so I thought it would be fun to have a large rock of that glowy stuff to be stuck in between the gun. I achieved this by sticking a long stick through a blue-foam “rock” and through the canisters. The warpstone rock currently looks more like a marshmallow on a stick, but all will be good when painted (I hope haha).

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

At this point it looks kinda lame and structurally very wobbly, something I will need to fix because when picked up and moved around I don’t want it to fall apart. Next up I started adding more detail to the structure, and making a wooden cart frame, taking cues from the original Games Workshop model design.

photo 4

I cut of the edges of the wooden beams to give them an old and worn look. This is easily done by running a hobby knife across the edges. I will wrap some wires around the joints to create that ramschackle Fantasy look. I don’t have any spare cartwheels left, so I have to start searching for those, possibly buying an Ork Chariot kit or used Screaming Bell kit from the internet.

photo 5

Right this is what I’ve got going so far. Admittedly, without any paintjob it looks pretty lame, but from experience I know that once primed black you can start to appreciate the model as a “whole” isntead of a bunch of junk glued together.

To be continued!

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