Skaven Giant Rats – custom sculpt (Part 1)

For some time I wanted to try and sculpt some simple models myself. Seeing I needed a few Giant Rat units for my Skaven army I figured they were sort of “doable”. So with some green stuff I sat down for an evening of mucking around…

photo 1

Green Stuff is kinda tricky to work with and never having done sculpting before I was going to make all the beginner mistakes. First it sticks to your fingers a lot, even when making your fingers wet with water, a minute after it sticks again. Secondly, working with your fingers and holding a small model makes you ruin work you’ve already done because you touch and press it in places you don’t want. I tried putting the model on a piece of wood that I could hold and move around. This made it a little easier but it was still very frustrating that when you push and sculpt on one side, the whole model distorts.

photo 2Another problem I ran into was size and proportion. My first rats were certainly ‘giant’, maybe a little too giant πŸ˜‰ I kept scaling down, using less modeling clay until I got a rat that was not bigger than a Skaven Clanrat model. Another thing I found really hard, even with reference photo’s, was to create a good ‘rat’ head. For some reasons most of my first attempts look more like dogs and Salacious Crumb from Star Wars. Oh well… πŸ™‚


photo 3

After a few hours of trying I got the hang of it, but still not what I was expecting. I really thought that the rats would be pretty easy to sculpt yourself but it goes to show just how hard sculpting is. I definitely have a lot of respect for people who do this. I will use the best attempts and finish/paint those for my Giant Rat units. I am hoping that in a unit formation together with some other details they will look acceptable.



If anyone can recommend other sculpting material and has tips for me, please post them in the comment section! Love to hear your thoughts!





2 thoughts on “Skaven Giant Rats – custom sculpt (Part 1)

  1. Tried using super sculpey? Super easy modeling with and can do amazing stuff!
    Baked in low temp (in oven) or boiling..
    Not to sure what would happen to the figurine thou..


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