Skaven DIY Flying Hellpit Abomination

Skaven Hellpit Abomination - flying DIY by Chris van der LindenDear readers,

I’ve been away from the hobby for some time. You probably know how this goes. Work, family and other things get in the way and the hobby disappears into the background for a while. But with plans to play a few Fantasy games again in the near future, I thought it was cool to buff my Skaven army with a Hellpit Abomination… 

I love making custom models by kitbashing and sculpting stuff. I’d already seen several DIY Hellpit Abominations, but I wanted to do something “way out there”. I had a lot of bits to work with so it was a matter of choosing the most interesting pieces to work together. A few hours later a nice (and freakishly) grotesque creature had emerged and was primed black, ready for a paintjob.

image9 image7

When kitbashing, I don’t have a plan, I just start and see where things take me. I started by sculpting a gaping maw from blue foam. This material can be pushed and dented with your nails also, allowing me to create wrinkles and such. I stuck in a few spearheads and woodchips as teeth. Next I started forming a body by glueing a plastic ork boar model and some Skaven arms together. I filled up the holes with quick drying wall filler. At this point I had no real clue what I was doing, I just let my creativity guide me.

Eventually I came to the stage where I had to decide if this thing was going to crawl, walk or…. When working on it I turned it “upside down” and that’s when it struck me. This could be an awesome flying, Ghost-bustsers Slimer kinda mutation. I used an old metal ork dragon model as another part of the body, drilled a hole and stuck it onto a base. Now things started to take shape. I added more detail such as rat heads growing out of the monster, more tentacles, maws, teeth and ugliness.

image6 image4

I dressed the base with rocks, sand rubble, a woodblock for stability which will turn into a piece of stone masonry when painted. Feeling the model was done I spraypainted it black. I might add some more final details such as a Clanrat walking underneath it, or a longer tail. And yeah, I just can’t wait to paint this grotesque monster!

image3 Skaven Hellpit Abomination - flying DIY by Chris van der Linden


2 thoughts on “Skaven DIY Flying Hellpit Abomination

  1. HOLY BUCKETS BATMAN. Hold my jaw, please. I continue to be flabbergasted — this is INSANELY COOL!! SERIOUSLY! I’ve never quite been able to wrap my head around how simple yet complex making creatures like this can be. This is really cool; glad I happened across this post & this blog! I’m quite excited to see how you end up painting this thing. :3


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