Tomb Kings Archers assembly #Lifehack

TombKing-Archers-Assembly Life Hack1I’ve been doing the Warhammer hobby for about 20 years now. During that time I’ve acquired all sorts of small neat little tricks that I like to call hobby ‘lifehacks’. They make your life easier and faster. Today we look at a trick to make assembling Tomb King archers much easier.

Today I want to share a simple trick to make assembling the Tomb King archers much easier. I’ve found the bow arms to be insanely anoying to stick onto the bodies. Even with super glue which normally fixes in seconds, here it just does not seem to work. The arms kept dropping off, sagging downwards to the point where I was dreading the next 100 archers…

I needed a solution. After a few tries I discovered an easy way to do it. First assemble all the archer models bodies: Fix the legs onto the base and stick on the ribcage/torso. While you leave them to dry cut out all the bow arms and clean them up. By the time your done you’re skelletons will have dried.

TombKing-Archers-Assembly Life Hack2

Place the bow arms onto the table with a drop of glue in the shoulder socket. Then rest your skeleton model on top of it and leave it to dry.

Now place the bow arms on the table and put a drop of glue into the shoulder socket. Now rest your skeleton model onto the bow arm and leave it to dry. After a few minutes you can pick them up and voila! Quick and painless (well these dead guys don’t feel anything anymore anyway ha!). Now I managed to do about 20 of them in 10 minutes! Bam!

TombKing-Archers-Assembly Life Hack1

After a few minutes you can put them upright. Quick and easy!

There you go! Hope you found this a fun little trick to make your hobby life easier.


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