Tomb Kings army progress

TombKings-Chariot2-chrisvanderlindenI’ve worked on my new Tomb Kings army for an afternoon. Assembling all the skeletons is quite time consuming, so I also did a few Chariots and Necropolis Knights on the side to keep things fun. I’m having a blast knocking out this new army. Some of the skeleton models and especially the horses are mega dated but still. Nothing beats a good old undead horde! Here’s a quick update of what I’ve got going so far…

TombKing-Archers-Assembly Life Hack1Right now I am almost finished assembling, basing and priming the Batallion box. I also had another box of Skeleton Warriors lying around so I’m counting 60 footsoldiers now, 3 Chariots, 6 Horsemen. In addition I’m building my first 3 Necropolis Knights and a unit of Tomb Guards. The Necropolis Knights is quite an expensive kit but I must say the quality is high and a pleasure to assemble. You gotta give GW some credit for continually improving their model quality, albeit being increasingly heavy on the wallet.







I’ve started using Blackfire Earth texture paint to do the bases, after which I prime everything with the Mournfang Brown spraypaint. Its quick and easy to work with. I prefer this now over the traditional basing with fine sand, which seems to be too course still for its scale.

While leaving some minis to dry, I batch painted some others, starting with that 3-stage lighting effect. After some models I notice its still improving, especially on models such as the Tomb Guard it really looks nice, like slivers of sun light piercing through, scattering on the characters. Dusty, desert? Yeah 🙂 Now I can’t wait to go back and put in those finishing details such as gold and blue. The effect is hard to capture on camera, if you have a skeleton to spare give this painting scheme a spin and see for yourself how it looks on the table!



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