Caught in a limbo?

It’s been a long time since I played Warhammer. Running a company, family and making music and suddenly its been half a year since you played a game. Tomorrow we are getting together with some friends to play again, have fun. I’m really looking forward to it!

We’ve got two gaming tables ready, one kinda Fantasy, one made for 40K. Really epic stuff, still looking good and a pleasure to play on. It’s going to be a day full of nerdy conversation, Bolt Thrower cd’s (or ITunes) playing in the background, looking up rules (and more rules haha) and likely we’ll finish off with a cold beer or two…40Kgamingtable1


As a long time 40K fan I have a big Ultramarine army. Most of our games played are 40K games. Last year I got into fantasy and started a Skaven army. Especially with my own created unit filler this army really came to life and I enjoy playing with it. Its a good thing the Island of Blood set is available second hand, how on earth could I have otherwise afforded 200+ clan rats at 30,- euro per 20 models… LOL 🙂 It’s allmost like how the Modern format in Magic: The Gathering is not accessible anymore for normal folks….537973_md-Skaven Clanrat unit

Which got me thinking about all the rumors about Fantasy going on again… What will things look like in a few months from now? I’m welcoming change, I love change. Also I love my regimented, large, awesome armies I’ve invested in. Somehow it’s holding me back a little bit painting and playing. The increased prices are not supportive of large 200+ infantry models anymore.

I love painting. I love playing the game. But right now I’m sort of caught in a stasis… not sure what to feel, scared what to feel. Anyone else caught in a limbo?


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