How to make a Warhammer Fantasy “grave mound” scenery piece

image1Together with some friends that go waaaay back to the beginning of the Warhammer hobby, we’ve made plans to do some story-driven campaigns. For nostalgia, good-times sake. So I decided to make some new scenery pieces that we can use to play around. One of them I particularly liked: a mysterious (Undead?) burial mound. Here’s how to make your own!

First take some blue or green foam. I try to avoid white polystyrene because it gives a huge mess and the small white balls (riiightt….!) texture are always very recognisable. I cut a slab of rock using a sharp knife, at an angle so it slowly sinks into ground level. At the front a cut out a small entrance to the burial mound. Using some small rectangles I further finished to entrance. Looking nice an properly ancient-spooky already!

image7Shape the rock with your knife. Cut out some chips, cuts, ridges. Be creative. I also use my thumb nail to chip away some area’s to create a rock look. When done I glued to entire piece on a sheet of plastic card with a hot glue gun. People: the hot glue gun is your friend. Don’t start a terrain project without it. Fast and effective.

image6Also using the hot glue gun, stick some larger pebles around the edges, then followed by some fine grit. This will make sure the styrofoam shape blends into the ground surface well. For fine grit I use super glue to quickly fix it in place. The benefit here is that its very thin and runs into all the hard to get places. After you sprinkle over your sand its near-instantly dry. Say no to PVA glue people! 🙂

image4Now that the structural part is done, I primed it using black spraypaint. Note that this will eat away at the foam. In this case that’s exactly what I want because it helps give a pitted, textured look. Decide for yourself if you want to do this or not. Once dry I gave it a quick drybrush paint job, using some browns and ochre highlights. Finally I added some Woodland Scenics flock and lichen. A quick way to apply this is using spray-glue. Again don’t muck around with PVA glue people. Ain’t nobody got time for that

There you go! I used a matte spray matte varnish to take off some shine I got from my paintjob. And that’s all there is too it. This will make a fine piece of scenic terrain for our upcoming campaign battles! Let me know what you think in the comments below!




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